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Board Certification is a voluntary process that adds a national level of recognition and shows that a standard of competency as a education provider has been achieved. Graduates of International Education Board Accredited educational institutions are eligible to apply for Board Certification with International Education Board

The International Education Board

The International Education Board (IEB) invites you to become Board Certified. IEB is a worldwide organization registered in London, UK, that administers certification. The mission of the International Education Board has been, first and foremost, protection of the educational rights and welfare of the public.

IEB Certification has proven through the setting of standards over the years, to be the most beneficial tool for recognizing competencies in the education sector.


The IEB successfully set levels of achievement in the education. You will be granted a Board Certification title that reflects your education degree. Those who have attained the IEB certification have the personal satisfaction of knowing they have reached a recognized and accepted international level of competency. These benefits include recognition by businesses, professional associates, peers, and the public.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Professional Certificate Award (PCA)

Professional skills certifications by a global authority such as IEB allow a better recognition of qualifications, widening job opportunities as a consequence. IEB implements the IEB system, a candidate's CV validation system to assess and certify globally accepted work practices, experiences, earlier studies and specializations. IEB grants the World Certificate Award to those who obtain not less than 15/60 credits through an evaluation process consisting in the Curriculum Vitae examination, validation and authentication. IEB is a global institute certifying transnational expertise and verifying the best internationally recognized professional practices.

The evaluation process for PCA

The necessary criteria to get credentials are appropriate experience grown along time and demonstration of competence in a specialized field. The evaluation process consists in a rigorous examination of the candidate's CV, validation and authentication of experiential and specialized skills required for an accredited credential award: IEB Certified Expert, IEB Certified Specialist, IEB Certified Master.

The evaluation process also involves the assessment and determination of a profile that corresponds to the criteria of Best Practices whether it is a Specialist, Expert or Master level.

The evaluation process is managed by the Secretariat and implemented through a qualification verification supervised by the IEB Lead Assessors. The evaluation process normally takes about 1/2 weeks.

The result is a composite score, sum of assessment categories scores relating to several professional profile aspects. The assessment categories are consistent with IEB competence compliance standards. 

The validity of Credential Certificates granted to individuals can be publicly verified on the IEB home page under "CREDENTIAL VERIFICATION" by entering the certificate number.

Awards Certifications

The International Education Board (IEB) is a self-regulated global certification authority. It grants accreditations not only to institutions and study programs but also to individuals.  As a matter of fact, it awards credential recognitions based on Curriculum Vitae professional evaluations. Three types of professional recognitions can be issued: IEB Certified Expert, IEB Certified Specialist, IEB Certified Master.

IEB certification is thought to grant any of these 3 Credential Awards to fitting individuals. The basic criteria are: Experience, Professionalism, Competence and Leadership in a specific career field ("Specialized Field").

Those who meet the basic criteria are assessed by IEB system according to a PSL (Professionalism, Skills, Leadership) criterion and will receive a number of PSL Credits.  Candidates receiving at least 16 on a 60 credits scale are eligible to receive the Global Certified Professional. This is the scale of evaluation:

0 - 15 = Fail

15 - 30 = IEB Certified Expert Award

30 - 45 = IEB Certified Specialist Award

45 - 60 = IEB Certified Master Award

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