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Honorary Doctorate
Wong Jing Yi

"Doctor of Science Applied Hair Science"

Awarded on January 2, 2023.

AbouWong Jing Yi

Ms Wong Jing Yi also know as Ms Jenny Wong the Founder of Trichomd Group located in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia has extensive experience in the fields of Trichology, herbal studies and laboratory blood test analysis. She has achieved numerous professional qualifications, such as a Diploma in Trichology, a Diploma in Herbal Studies, Certificate in Advanced Trichology : Laboratory Blood Test Analysis and Certificate in Hair Loss Practitioner.

Moreover, she is a popular speaker and advocate for advanced trichology practices. Her lectures address the practical application of modern trichological procedures to improve scalp health through general health a well. Along with other renown medical practitioners, she also provides important insight on exercising safe practice standards while managing challenges such as alopecia and hair loss issues.

She managed to set up laboratories and research teams, working day and night to make progress in the field to find better treatments for the millions of people suffering from these conditions. She's accomplished numerous successes, such as gaining approval from agencies around the world to begin clinical trials with her treatments.


As an innovator in autoimmune disease research, she continues to make strides and push boundaries as she continues searching for a cure that could help countless individuals around the world. She was awarded with the advanced academic degree Doctor of Science in Applied Hair Science for her great accomplishments in the field of hair science and being recognized for her contributions within the realm of trichology.

Verified Credentials:

  • CEO of TrichoMD Hair Restoration & Laboratories Group.

  • Board Member, International Education Board, UK.

  • Member, International Board of Medicine & Surgery, USA.

  • Board Director, The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association, Korea.

  • Founder, BMI Aesthetics & Cosmetology Academy.

  • DSc (USA), Advanced Trichology (USA), Diploma in Trichology (UK).


by Wong Jing Yi

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