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International Fellowship Masterclass in

Facial Aesthetic (Injectables)

(Demonstration Based-No Hands On)​

13 - 14 July, 2024 - Bangkok

Glimpse of past events

Singapore 1-3 Aug 2023

Bangkok 11-13 Dec 2023

Bangkok 24-27 April 2024 Day 2 Video

Associate Member of


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IEB - International Education Board as a Global Certification Authority, we use our expertise in universities network management to support the implementation of quality assurance standard systems around the world. As accreditation systems have grown in size and global complexity, quality assurance systems have progressively evolved to a level where official certifications are required for operational standards recognition.

Besides traditional higher education channels, online and distance learning, vocational training and former learning recognition are relevant in the professional practice world. The dramatic change in worldwide higher education requires self-regulating institutions like IEB to improve the quality assurance mechanism.

IEB, International Education Board, recognizes higher education institutions for research performance, student services and teaching quality to enhance public confidence.  Our accreditation of higher education institutions, training schools, professional practice certifications is a voluntary, non-governmental quality assurance and institutional development process.

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Leveraging Accrediting Organizations to Ensure High-quality Education

Ensuring credibility and quality is crucial in higher education. The evaluation and validation of educational programs and institutions' standards is largely dependent on accrediting authorities. These organizations protect academic quality by making sure courses are offered in accordance with the required standards.

What are Accrediting Agencies?

Accrediting agencies are independent organizations that evaluate and analyze educational institutions and programs. Their principal goal is to guarantee that the establishments uphold high standards, protecting stakeholders' and students' interests in the process. These organizations put up a lot of effort to promote accountability, honesty, and transparency in the educational system.

Importance of Accreditation

Accrediting bodies for higher education are extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, they assess an institution's overall effectiveness objectively, taking into account the caliber of its staff, curriculum, facilities, and student services. This assessment assists parents and prospective students in making well-informed decisions on their educational goals.

Maintaining Academic Excellence

Accrediting organizations promote ongoing development in educational institutions. They provide schools and universities with incentives to continuously improve their services by performing reviews and assessments on a regular basis. This process of self-evaluation and development makes sure that education is kept up to date and relevant, meeting the demands of a job market that is changing quickly.

The integrity and standards of higher education are vitally dependent on accrediting bodies. Their impartial assessments support organizations in their efforts to continuously improve, which improves the learning results for students. Following the rules established by these organizations helps educational institutions produce competent and well-rounded workers who benefit society at large.


A roadmap to success

The IEB accreditation confirms a quality standard verified by a top level board according to 5 main elements of international education management:

1) Academic Quality and Integrity. 2) Teaching Staff Qualification. 3) Delivery of Programs. 4) Student Services. 5) Website design and performance

Quality Commitment

A commitment to excellence through a self-learning and evaluation process of the whole school's operational units and individual departments. IEB accreditation demonstrates to the students’ community, public and private institutions, companies and industries hiring students, that it operates according to verified global quality standards.

Global Accuracy

IEB is one of the first world accreditation body adopting a strict and accurate process of self-regulation on an ethical basis. This process aims at the quality processes and good practice recognition. IEB Accreditation provides your programs with global recognition according to the best international standards.


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