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CPD Accreditation

Continual Professional Development

Continual professional development, or CPD, is an integral part of your career progression. It consists of a range of activities that you’ll go through as your grow and develop in your job. To track your progress, you will need to keep a record of your CPD points.

A common question is, “what are CPD points? You’ll probably be required to keep a track of the CPD training you complete. Even if it’s not necessary, it will boost your CV and help you when negotiating a pay rise.

The importance of CPD is well recognised. In 2019, the UK government offered £1,000 each to nurses to invest in their ongoing training.

CPD course certification is a way of assigning value to the continual personal development that you undertake. Every CPD course that you take should come with a points value assigned.

The points for each course are calculated based on the time it should take to complete – one hour of learning is worth one CPD point. Employers and professional associations will have different needs for your CPD points so be sure you confirm what you need from them.

Keeping a record of your CPD in a logbook or portfolio will mean you don’t have to try to remember everything over the years. It’s a way of you tracking your own development and path towards achieving your goals – you will quickly be able to see how far you’ve come in your professional development.

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There are lots of reasons why we are the go-to IEB CPD Accreditation Service

CPD Points shown on Logo and The CPD Register


Our logos are personalised as standard, which means that any CPD points you earn will be clearly displayed both there and in our database. This means that the amount of work you help your learners to achieve will be shown, so that future customers can be assured of your experience in providing top quality CPD.

We accredit your all courses in one single Accreditation


We look at your organisation as a whole and consider whether you have all the fundamental elements of being a CPD provider in place; and if you do, you can become a Registered CPD Training Provider.

We give you a unique registration number


We issue a unique registration number and logo for you to use on your website and advertising/promotional literature, so your potential customers can verify you are fully accredited. This also applies to the specific services you offer.



Benefits of Becoming Accredited?

CPD Accreditation sets you apart from your competitors providing evidence that your CPD activity is up to date and benchmarked against the CPD Accreditation Framework to best practice and industry standards.

Boost your company profile

By being an Accredited Provider and displaying your own unique IEB CPD logo, you can build your reputation as a trusted provider.

Simple and Straightforward Accreditation Process

The IEB adopt a simple, non-complicated process to ensure the easiest experience for you. Firstly, we accredit you, the Provider at no cost. Once you are an accredited provider you will receive a unique registration number and logo and will have the ability to submit activities for accreditation review. Once your activities meet all the requirements on the CPD Accreditation Framework and are approved by our team we send you a unique activity logo for each individual course. The monthly price of your accreditation will depend on the number of courses you accredit, your preferred time frame and is subject to a simple credit check. You can get a free quote for the price of accrediting your activities using our CPD Accreditation Calculator above.

We can put together bespoke packages for Providers Accrediting 1 – 100 individual CPD Activities, each with its unique verification and identifying number.

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