Accreditation of
single courses

The IEB is a global accreditation and certification institution granting credential recognition to individuals, universities, organizations, schools and training institutions.

Another important role of IEB is to accredit courses delivered by non-accredited organizations. Those could be universities, colleges, schools, professional institutes and training companies. IEB does not deliver any courses and does not hinder any national accreditation body or university. Both institutional and professional accreditations are based on self-regulatory criteria, essential for merit evaluations.

The courses accreditation process by non-accredited institutions is more rigorous for beginner course providers. This process involves a detailed examination of: course content and duration; trainers’ qualifications and skills, course providers’ financial strength and integrity, available structures and resources; delivery method and evaluation and, above all, their relevance to professional and career development.

Any organizations whose courses get successful accreditation will receive an IEB Accreditation Certificate listing the accredited courses.

The accredited organization may also print the words "Course Accredited by IEB" and its logo on the study certificates.