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Course Accreditation

Another important role of IEB is to accredit courses delivered by non-accredited organizations. Those could be universities, colleges, schools, professional institutes and training companies. IEB does not deliver any courses and does not hinder any national accreditation body or university. Both institutional and professional accreditations are based on self-regulatory criteria, essential for merit evaluations.

The course accreditation process by non-accredited institutions is more rigorous for beginner course providers. This process involves a detailed examination of: course content and duration; trainers’ qualifications and skills, course providers’ financial strength and integrity, available structures and resources; delivery method and evaluation and, above all, their relevance to professional and career development.

Any organizations whose courses get successful accreditation will receive an IEB Accreditation Certificate listing the accredited courses.

The accredited organization may also print the words "Course Accredited by IEB" and its logo on the study certificates.

The course accreditation system gives accreditation to courses offered by training institutes, universities, colleges and other vocational or educational institutions, which meet the requirements of International Education Board (IEB) for Continuing Professional Development points (IEBCPD). This course accreditation service is only available for our accredited institutions. Once your course is accredited by IEB, we will dedicate a branded webpage at our website to display IEB Certificate ID, students’ name, course completed and result for their verification purposes. Your certificate can also display IEB Accredited Logo and a unique IEB Certificate ID. We understand that Accredited institutions may display our logo of accreditation on their certificates/diplomas, however, it does not signify that the respective course is officially Accredited by IEB. Only Courses which are accredited by IEB can display IEB Accredited Logo and their students’ information could be verified at our website. We will announce the list of accredited courses at our website after gathering the sufficient information from the relevant accredited institutions’ applications.

Only accredited higher education providers can apply for accreditation of higher education courses. IEB accreditation focuses on course content; course duration; teaching staff and student resources. Once accreditation is granted, the course will be added to the IEB website and providers may use the IEB Accredited logo in their marketing material and certificates/diplomas. Once accredited, providers are monitored to ensure that students continue to receive good service and are re-assessed at least once every annually. Formal accreditation of courses by the IEB will not only recognize the quality and good standing of courses, but it will also provide automatic membership/certified award eligibility for graduates who had completed IEB accredited courses.

We encourage educational providers to submit their course for accreditation. IEB considers that accreditation will raise the professional standards of the industry and will be a positive marketing opportunity for education and training providers. We intend to advertise all accredited courses on the IEB web and in our newsletters to our members
and supporters.

If you are interested in getting your course(s) accredited by IEB, please contact us at with your course details. Introductory Guide and Accreditation Handbook

IEB Introductory Guide and Accreditation Handbook. Please download [Here] for your information and this guide is subject to update without prior notice.

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