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IEB Honorary Awards

Honorary Awards by the International Education Board

Welcome to the prestigious realm of academic recognition by the International Education Board. We take immense pride in honoring distinguished individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the world of education, research, and beyond. Our Honorary Awards – Honorary Professorship, Honorary Fellowship, and Honorary Doctorate – celebrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in diverse fields across the globe.

We are currently inviting nominations for the award of Honorary Fellowships, Honorary Doctorates and Honorary Professorship. The International Education Board Honorary Awards are the most prestigious and highest award given by the International Education Board to persons of long distinguished service to higher education and specific professional areas.

IEB Honorary Awards will be given lifetime membership to the International Education Board and will be invited to submit a personal profile to be published in IEB website (Optional). Nominators are asked to upload a current CV of the nominee and a 1-page letter addressing the nominee’s contributions to higher education. Any questions regarding this award can be submitted by email at The name, photo and profile of the Honorary Fellows, Doctorates and Professors will be listed in IEB website (International Faculty section).

Honorary Professorship:

Bearing testament to outstanding academic achievements and profound impact in their respective fields, the Honorary Professorship is conferred upon scholars whose work has significantly enriched the academic community. These individuals epitomize the spirit of intellectual inquiry, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and inspiring future generations with their wisdom and expertise.

Honorary Fellowship:

The Honorary Fellowship recognizes leaders, visionaries, and advocates who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the advancement of education and society at large. From influential policymakers to transformative educators, Honorary Fellows embody the values of collaboration, inclusivity, and social responsibility, fostering meaningful change on a global scale.

Honorary Doctorate:

Elevating the pinnacle of academic distinction, the Honorary Doctorate is bestowed upon luminaries whose contributions transcend disciplines, leaving an indelible mark on humanity. Whether through groundbreaking research, groundbreaking innovations, or profound humanitarian efforts, recipients of this prestigious award inspire us to strive for excellence and pursue knowledge with passion and purpose.

Our Selection Process:

The International Education Board meticulously evaluates nominees for Honorary Awards based on a rigorous set of criteria, including:

  1. Impact: Demonstrated influence and significance of the nominee's contributions to their field and society.

  2. Innovation: Trailblazing efforts that have advanced knowledge, practice, or understanding in their respective domains.

  3. Leadership: Exemplary leadership qualities and a commitment to fostering collaboration, diversity, and excellence.

  4. Ethics: Adherence to ethical principles and integrity in all aspects of their work and conduct.

Besides nomination, we would also consider direct application/self-nomination. You’ll need to submit your CV that demonstrates that you fulfil at least two of the nine Fellowship criteria: creativity, enterprise, innovation, insight and experience, leadership, repute, responsibility, service, and influence and contribution.

IEB honors world-class managers, educators and professors for their outstanding achievement and contribution to higher education. Furthermore, IEB celebrates the great achievements of talented faculty and institutions through a variety of awards and recognitions worldwide. We encourage institutions to award their professors in their own graduation ceremonies. Awardees can use IEB Certified Logo and Titles (HonFIEB/Hon Dr.IEB/HonProfIEB) for their Websites, Brochures, CVs and Business Cards.

Administrative Handling Fee for each Award to support the operation and accreditation services of IEB.:

  • Honorary Professorship: GBP$2000

  • Honorary Fellowship: GBP$2,000

  • Honorary Doctorate: GBP$2,500

Currently we are providing Honorary Awards in Below Category:

  1. Aesthetic Medicine (For Doctors)

  2. Aesthetic Skincare (For Registered Nurses and Health Practitioners)

  3. Aesthetic Skin Care and Massage Therapy (For Registered Nurses and Health Practitioners)

  4. Clinical Cosmetology (For Registered Nurses)

  5. Aesthetic Treatment and Skin Care (For Registered Nurses and Health Practitioners)

  6. Non Surgical Trichology (For Registered Nurses and Health Practitioners)

  7. Semi Permanent Makeup (For Both Doctors and Non Doctors)

***We offer special discount to candidates from developing countries. Please contact us at for further details.

IEB honors world-class managers, educators and professors for their outstanding achievement and contribution to higher education. Please click here for the relevant certified Awards we are offering.

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