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Whether you are a traditional, a distance or online university, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Skill based Training Organizations, Online and Distance Education Providers. etc...

IEB International University Accreditation is specifically designed for you. It proves your commitment to implement global standards quality education. Nowadays, university accreditation is relevant for students, faculties and administrative staff. 

IEB offers international accreditation to universities, colleges, other higher education institutions and a wide range of other tertiary institutions, including providers of technical and vocational education. IEB also offers accreditation of individual academic programs and other qualifications.
Institutional Accreditation inspects the internal quality assurance system and reviews study programs of a university. Each Higher Education Institution is responsible for ensuring continuous enhancement of the quality of teaching and research tasks. Our Accreditation scheme assists institutions to achieve and maintain international standard. All accredited institutions must enter the Continuous Perfection Evaluation process every year.

Quality Assured Program Accreditation (QAPA) assesses Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Master degree courses and continuing education programs. QAPA provides recognition that the content and quality of the program has been evaluated and meets standards set by IEB. We provide specialized University accreditation for post-secondary programs. Graduates from an IEB- accredited program have a solid educational foundation and are capable of working in the relevant industry.

Verifiable certificate by scanning QR code on the certificate

Benefits of Accreditation
The final Professorship Award of IEB accreditation shows that the school has achieved high standards of professional and academic performance in international higher education and has a dedication to continuous perfection. With our benchmark seal of university accreditation, it would increase the credibility and trustworthiness of online education providers based on accurate and peer respected supervision and compliance. As a frontrunner in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide, we provide an exceptional international accreditation with a focal point on the development of students as international citizens. Academic credential evaluation isgetting more important due to globalization.

Benefit of getting IEB Accreditation
Once you are accredited with IEB, you will receive a IEB Accredited Logo (JPG/PNG) which can be used on your website, official documents and other various marketing collaterals. The accreditation certificate and report in digital format (PDF) will be a proof of achieving IEB accreditation. You can promote IEB Accreditation using this certificate on different promotional platforms. Promotion opportunity at our website. The promotion of your institutions will be based on availability and needs of IEB to enhance the global recognition of your institute. Online Listing and Verification is available at IEB Website for all the
accredited institutions.

Introductory Guide and Accreditation Handbook
IEB Introductory Guide and Accreditation Handbook. Please download [Here] for your information and this guide is subject to update without prior notice.

Accreditation Application Process
Once you have completed and submitted the application form, we will then:
1. Send you an invoice for Inspection Fee;
2. Upon the payment of the Inspection Fee, you will be our Accreditation Candidate, a Candidacy Accredited Logo (JPG/PNG) will be sent to you (The Candidacy Status shall be expired in 3 months if full accreditation has not been achieved);
3. Start the website and documentary inspection such as Certificate of Incorporation, License, other accreditation certificates (if available), faculty’s CV and sample course materials;

4. Our Accreditation Committee will contact you for further review and inspection (Feedback concerning your website details, curriculum design and course materials);
5. After the detailed assessment and evaluation, we will inform you whether your application is successful or not;
6. After the final inspection of the LMS, curriculum and teaching quality, if you are eligible to our full accreditation, we will send you an invoice for the final fee.
7. Accredited Logo and Accreditation Certificate and Report in digital format will be sent via Email.

Inspection and Accreditation Fee:
The institution of education applying for accreditation to the International Education Board (IEB) must pay the accreditation fee once the eligibility has been confirmed by the Accreditation Committee, and before any actual evaluation of the accreditation process starts. If you are interested in our accreditation, please feel free to contact us by filling out the accreditation application form for a preliminary review. The Re-accreditation process (Annual renewal) requires payment of re-accreditation fee and if necessary, re-evaluation may be required.

** The final grades of the accreditation report are endorsed by the Accreditation Committee of the International Education Board (IEB). We will inform the new applicant educational institution of the conclusions of the accreditation report and will provide suggestions, if applicable. In the case that full accreditation is gained, the Accreditation Committee will send the corresponding accreditation certificate (PDF).

It takes around 7 days to process if no delay for the payment. For more information, please feel free to contact us at for guidance. We keep our accreditation fee low in order to serve the sector of higher education the best, but please bear in mind that each accreditation certificate is only for one institution in a single location, therefore, extra nominal fee will be charged for each branch accreditation.

*Non-Profit Organization will be given 10% off.
** We only accept payment via PayPal, therefore 5% PayPal charges shall be responsible
by the payer.

The following five Areas of Inspection will be reviewed by our committee:
1. Academic Quality and Integrity

2. Teaching Staff Qualifications
3. Delivery of Programs
4. Students Services
5. Website Design and Performance
On-going compliance of accrediting organization requirement is essential, otherwise the accreditation status will be disqualified. Accredited institutions can use the IEB logo and IEB promotional materials for the duration of their accrediting agency.


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Complaint Against Accredited Institutions
While the International Education Board, like other accrediting agencies worldwide, is interested in assuring that accredited programs maintain their quality and continue to meet IEB standards, neither IEB nor its Accreditation Committee is a mediator for consumer complaints against institutions or programs of study. IEB is an accrediting body, not a regulator or an appellate panel for student or faculty grievances. Our Accreditation Committee will accept and evaluate complaints against accrediting agency programs in connection with annual review of program conformity or reaccreditation processes where there are serious allegations that a program may not be in conformity with IEB standards.

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